August 15 - 27, 2017

Opening: August 15, 7pm

Gallery, Level 1, Library at The Dock

A mixtape exhibition of contemporary Australian videogames, split into two sides: Side A explores "Not Quite Games", games that don't quite fit our understanding or expectation of what games are. Side B focuses on "Personal Games", games that are intimate, autobiographical, or personal in nature. Contours features playable games, zines, books, comics, artwork, paintings, sculptures, videos, photography and other cultural gems, with works from:

Side A
Not Quite Games
August 15 - 21

Side B
Personal Games
August 22 - 27

In Conversation withIan MacLarty

August 15th - 5:30pm
Performance Space, Level 2, Library at The Dock

Ian is a part-time game designer and programmer based in Melbourne Australia, with an interest in short-form, experimental designs. He's created over 30 games and interactive artworks over the last 5 years, most of which have a visual focus, with many doubling as art creation tools. Ian has also made several puzzle and action games including the commercially successful Boson X. His work has been exhibited in London, Antwerp, Chicago, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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In Conversation withCharlie Francis Cassidy

August 22nd - 5:30pm
Performance Space, Level 2, Library at The Dock

Once described as the person with molten hair from the hip cyberpunk future that never was, Charlie is a queer non-binary trans masc programmer and game developer with bipolar. They currently work for Mighty Games in Melbourne on Shooty Skies. They are also the technical director of Tiny Frame, a small games and media studio they founded. In their spare time they like to make games about mental health, yell about how great cats are and work on projects that further queer and trans representation. They are also trying to become as close to the personification of the colour red as possible.

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